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Do Removable Stickers Leave Residue?

Removable Stickers On Plastic Rubbermaid TubAbout six weeks ago, we started comparing three different removable sticker brands to My Removable Stickers. We posted a picture of a sticker with a blue border that started peeling almost immediately from a green plastic tub.  We experienced the same thing on furniture, books and a notebook. Meanwhile, our stickers remained in place.

Removable Stickers Test

Removable Stickers On Tub After Resticking
Removable Stickers On Tub After Resticking

In addition to the rectangular border stickers, we tested two all white stickers, one a name brand and one a store brand.  Six weeks ago when applied, these stickers remained on the plastic tub and notebook, as did My Removable Stickers.

After a day, we could successfully peel all three stickers off too. The picture on the right shows the three removable sticker brands after they had been safely peeled and replaced onto the tub. There’s a bit of curling on the edge of the white stickers but not significant enough to cause them to fall off the container.

We left the stickers on the green container and the blue notebook for a six week period.

Last week, I removed the blue notebook from inside a filing cabinet.  All three stickers remained attached to the notebook.

Then I tried to peel the stickers from the notebook. My Removable Stickers peeled easily, as was our experience.  However, the name brand removable sticker left white sticker paper on the notebook. I tried two sticker corners with the same results.  The sticker paper also seemed to change consistency, resulting in a wrinkled look.

Peel Test On Other Removable Sticker Brand
Name Brand Removable Sticker After 6 Weeks

The other store brand was able to peel from the notebook but left a clear tacky substance on the notebook.

Sticky Residue From Store Brand Removable Sticker
Store Brand Sticker Residue After 6 Weeks

We encountered the same problem with the green plastic container.  The name brand removable sticker could not be easily peeled after six weeks on the container.

Name Brand Removable Stickers Peeled From Plastic Tub
Name Brand Removable Sticker Peeled From Plastic Tub After 6 Weeks

My Removable Stickers left no sticky residue on the notebook or the container after the same six weeks. While it’s hard to show the absence of something, there was a My Removable Sticker attached to the green tub above the white sticker.

The image below shows My Removable Stickers peeled from the blue notebook, again no sticky residue.  Given the nature of our stickers and adhesive, I could unroll these same stickers below and place them again on the notebook.

My Removable Stickers Peeled From Notebook
My Removable Stickers – No Sticky Residue After 6 Weeks
My Removable Stickers Restuck On Notebook
My Removable Stickers, Unrolled, Reapplied To Notebook

Having  completed this test, I am thankful I did not try these other removable sticker brands on good furniture. Earlier today, I did attach these same sticker brands to a filing cabinet that I will peel again in a few weeks.

Check back to see what happens.

If you want want really removable stickers that stay in place after a day, a week, a month or a year and leave no sticky residue, try My Removable Stickers.