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Corner Peel Tab With Negative Adhesive

My Removable Stickers offers a unique corner peel with a strip of negative adhesive on the back for easy peeling.

Removable Labels With Blue Border
2.5″ x 2.5″ Removable Sticker With Corner Peel Tab – 12 Stickers Per Sheet


When developing the stickers five years ago, we had three design goals in mind:

* Removable – a sticker that was easy to peel leaving no sticky residue;
* Restickable – a sticker that could stick and restick multiple times; and
* Customizable – a sticker that could customized using your own laser printer, inkjet printer or high speed copier.

We made sure the sticker was removable but that the sticker didn’t MOVE until you wanted to peel it off. The adhesive was designed to keep the sticker in place, not curl up and fall off the box or envelope in 24 hours – like we’ve seen other removable stickers do.

Removable Stickers Comparison
Comparing My Removable Stickers to Another Removable Stickers

The sticker was also tested to make sure that it didn’t become permanent over time – like some repositional stickers are designed to do. We wanted our customers to be able to easily peel the sticker from a box or a book or a piece of furniture even after a year had passed.

During the development stage, we tested different paper for the front of the stickers as well as different adhesives. We wanted a sticker that was easier to peel than anything else in the marketplace.

My Removable Stickers Unique Easy Peel Strip On BackHere’s how we achieved this. Called negative adhesive or varnishing, we customize the removable adhesive on the back of each sticker to make the bottom ¼ inch of the sticker even less sticky. The result is that it’s easier to lift, especially with our “peel & restick” unique peel tab in the bottom right corner of the sticker.

Peel Restick Tab Removable StickersTo allow for easy customization, you can download this Word template to create a customized message or label and then print the message onto the sticker sheets with a laser printer, inkjet printer or high speed copier. We didn’t want our customers stuck with 1,000 or 5,000 pre-printed stickers that were no longer useful. With My Removable Stickers, customers can print a small number of unique offers or reminders, perhaps with an expiration or moving date. Once that date passed, customers could change the date or job name and number and print some more stickers. Being able to create small batches of customized messages also allowed customers to test different offers, fonts and colors to see what worked best for their business or personal use.

Some customers print in color. Some choose to just print with black ink and let the border color draw attention to the sticker. The use of our stickers has evolved over time. When we first introduced the stickers, we envisioned My Removable Stickers as a promotional tool, a call to action to visit a restaurant or store, vote for a politician, return for a medical appointment, eat food by a certain date or assemble a tool correctly. We saw it as an advertising vehicle and many customers use the stickers for that purpose. But we also found that our six border colors are perfect for color coding and labeling items – whether as removable moving stickers or removable textbook stickers or simply as removable organizational labels.

How will you use My Removable Stickers?

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