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Removable Sticker Test

What can you expect when using My Removable Stickers? Take a look at this sticker text. The attached pictures tell the story. The stickers with borders in the images below are My Removable Stickers. The solid white sticker is a ‘removable white matte’ sticker sold by a different company.

We added the stickers to a variety of box types and placed them in a bathroom with a high moisture content. Which stickers would stick?

After three days, the white (not My Removable Stickers) began to peel from the brown boxes.

One white sticker even fell off the brown box.

My Removable Stickers (bordered stickers) all remained in place. Two white stickers also remained in place on the light colored boxes so after ten days, we peeled and reattached them.

All four stickers were peeled and reattached. You’ll notice the white one has now curled and you can also see the remains of cardboard on the back of the white sticker.  You don’t want that to happen.

All of our colored border removable stickers peeled cleanly and reattached easily.

In the image above, both of these stickers were peeled from a Macy’s gift box and then reattached.  The white sticker doesn’t have a clean reattachment. See the wrinkles?

Try My Removable Stickers.

You’ll be much more satisfied with our stickiness, easy peel and reattachment characteristics. Plus our border colors can make your message pop and are perfect when trying to tag and sort various moving items!

Stick with My Removable Stickers.

Mother’s Day Reminder & Free Template

If you need Mother’s Day stickers for your Mom or Grandma or Aunt or best friend, here’s a free removable sticker template that you can download.  Since our stickers can be attached anywhere and then easily peeled, you can place these stickers all over the house on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 9) to celebrate your Mom.

We’re posting this idea and template as a courtesy reminder so you don’t forget about your Mom….and to give you enough time to go shopping if necessary.

Or, to simplify your life, you can order a pack of removable stickers now for your Mom so that she can use them in her house – to tag boxes in the basement or post daily reminders on her frig or label furniture, tubs, books – anything!  Our removable stickers will peel easily from any surface and leave no sticky residue.  My Mom uses these removable stickers frequently and we love that every tub in her basement is marked with the contents of the tub so we know where to find anything in her house.

Use THANKSMOM as the promo code in the shopping cart and we’ll take $5 off any single pack ($24.95) order now through Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Template For My Removable Stickers

Learn more about My Removable Stickers and their easy peel properties here.

We also offer other free sticker templates.  Download any of these, even if you don’t purchase our removable stickers.

Please note. We also offer quantity discounts when ordering 5 or more removable sticker packs.  These discounts are automatically applied and will save you more money than the THANKSMOM code.  So if you decide to order 5 packs of removable stickers, let the automatic savings kick in and you will save $19.95, not $5.  What a way to save!





Removable Moving Sticker Template For Business Relocation

Is your business relocating soon?

Here’s a popular business moving sticker template.

Download this free Owner Item Item# Floor Room moving template and print the content onto My Removable Stickers.  Use one our 6 border colors or an all white removable sticker to help quickly identify floors.  For example, all red stickers can be used on the 1st floor, all green stickers on the 2nd floor, all blue stickers on the third floor etc.

Owner Item Item# Floor Room Template For My Removable Stickers

Removable Moving Sticker Template


Learn more about My Removable Stickers and their easy peel properties.

We also offer other free sticker templates.  Download any of these for your own use, even if you don’t purchase our removable stickers.

Click here to see our border color choices.

Our removable stickers are safe on furniture, boxes, containers, documents, equipment (computers, printers) and books. You can safely stick My Removable Stickers anywhere for as long as you need them. They’ll peel easily after a week, month or even a year.

With full adhesive along the back, My Removable Stickers attach firmly to any flat or hard surface. The adhesive is strong enough to stick on your items but peels easily when you want to remove it and leaves no sticky residue.

Plan a successful move with My Removable Stickers.



Moving Sticker – Floor Room Piece Template

Relocating soon?

Download our free Floor Room Piece moving template and print the content on any sticker sheet from My Removable Stickers.  Select one of our 6 border colors or an all white removable sticker.

Floor Room Piece Template For My Removable Stickers


Learn more about My Removable Stickers.

Take a look at other free sticker templates.

Select a border color to purchase or try a starter set of My Removable Stickers.

Use our removable stickers to identify office or household belongings on a temporary or long term basis. My Removable Stickers are perfect for labeling boxes, furniture, equipment, computers, pictures, cartons and other household or office supplies. Use our six border colors to tag your belongings by floor or room to streamline the moving process.


Free Removable Sticker Templates

Free Templates for My Removable Stickers

Download this free Blank Template to design a customized sticker using Microsoft Word.

With this template, you can create 12 identical stickers or 12 unique stickers on our removable sticker sheet.

You can also find more removable sticker templates here.

If you need help creating your sticker template, please email help@myremovablestickers.com and we will create your template for you.  This is a free service of My Removable Stickers.

We recommend that you test print the sticker content by printing the template design on white paper and holding it up to a sticker sheet to make sure it’s lining up correctly.  Adjust your content or margins as necessary.

Then simply print the template content onto a colored or all white removable sticker sheets using any laser or inkjet printer.  Some customers also use high speed copiers for their removable sticker printing.

You can also merge unique data from an Excel file into the Word template to create pages of unique stickers.

Removable Stickers On Sheets - My Removable Stickers

Remember, if you need help creating the sticker template in Word, we can assist you. This is a free service of My Removable Stickers. Simply email the information you’d like to see on the sticker to help@myremovablestickers.com and we’ll prepare the Word template and email the template to you for printing.

To order removable sticker sheets, visit our Buy Removable Stickers page for pricing and quantity discounts.

Covid Stickers

Removable Stickers For COVID-19 Notices

If you need to prep your classroom or office with temporary COVID-19 notices, use My Removable Stickers to help students and employees take appropriate precautions.

You can safely stick My Removable Stickers anywhere – on a desk, book, folder, locker, computer, printer, chair, wall, mirror or window.  Use the stickers to remind others to social distance or wash their hands or stay 6 feet apart or use hand sanitizer.

When this COVID-19 nightmare is over, just peel and toss the sticker.  Peeling is easy and there will be no sticky residue left.  Your desk, book, locker, computer, printer, chair, mirror, wall or window will be completely residue free. There will be no trace of the sticker.

Here are some Covid-19 removable sticker examples.  You can use this free Word template to design and print any sticker message you need on any removable sticker border color.  We also have an all white sticker option.

Order as many or as few stickers as you need.  We sell stickers by the pack (300 stickers) or as a starter set (72) stickers. We offer multi-pack discounts when ordering 5 or more packs at one time.

Pack – 25 Sheets – 12 Stickers Per Sheet – $24.95
300 Removable Stickers
Sticker Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″

16% Off – 5+ Packs  ($20.96 per pack)
32% Off – 10+ Packs ($16.97 per pack)
40% Off – 25+ Packs ($14.97 per pack)

Starter Set – 72 Stickers – 12 Red, 12 Blue, 12 Green, 12 Orange, 12 Purple, 12 Yellow Stickers – $8

Click here to order your removable stickers and they will ship the next business day. Delivery time frame via USPS or Fed Exp is then 3 – 4 days.

If you need help printing the sticker content, please email print@myremovablestickers.com and let us know what you’d like to see on your sticker.  We charge an additional $7 per pack to print on the stickers with black ink.

My Removable Stickers are a cost effective way to provide COVID-19 notices at school or work without damaging any of your supplies or equipment.



More Removable Sticker Uses

There are obvious ways to use My Removable Stickers – on furniture, boxes, containers, documents, textbooks.  We list a variety of ideas above in our USES section.

Because they so easily peel, stick and restick, there are many additional removable sticker uses. I arrive at a new sticker uses almost weekly.  Starting today, I’m going to add at least one new idea each week.  Some only require one sticker.  Some require more.  Periodically I will include pictures.

As they leave no sticky residue, you can put the stickers anywhere and know that you can peel them easily and safely when their use is finished.

  •  Hide your laptop or phone camera if you don’t want software spying on you!

  • Close an open cookie bag. Not all cookies have a resealable opening. Use a removable sticker to easily close the bag and then peel it off when you want another cookie.
Sticker To Seal Cookies
Use a removable sticker to seal your bag of cookies to keep them fresh.


  • Prepare classrooms or offices with required Covid-19 notices.
Covid Removable Sticker Room Sanitized
Sanitize a room and log the date on a removable sticker attached to door.


  • Use removable stickers to remind employees and students about coronavirus safety precautions.

  • Order some stickers for your parents so they can tag all the items in their basement or storage area.  Check out my Mom’s basement. She’s using an older version of our stickers but see how helpful this is? When she sends us downstairs, we can find what she’s asked us to get!

  • We’ve tried electronic shopping lists but still find it’s easier to write down what we need at the grocery store and then attach the removable sticker to our wallet so we don’t forget the list. Once in the store, the removable sticker gets attached to the cart or a food item in the cart for easy viewing.

Shopping List Sticker

Removable Labels or Stickers?

What’s in a name? We’ve been selling stickers for more than 7 years. We call them removable stickers. But are they actually removable labels?

What’s the difference? It actually depends on how you decide to use them.

Here’s a good explanation from DYMO. Are My Removable Stickers used to identify a thing? Provide information about a thing? Or are they the thing?

Certainly, the popularity of stickers has increased in the last five years. Think about stickers on laptops that let you broadcast your affiliation with an organization or a belief in something. Or a sticker that just makes you feel good. What about emoji stickers?

Frequently, My Removable Stickers carry information which, by definition, makes them a label. But they begin as a blank slate – with just a colored border. So that’s why we call them stickers. You get to decide what you want to do with them. Label a textbook rental? Use as a moving sticker? Get organized? Advertise a sale? Create a check list? Use as a coupon?

How will you use My Removable Stickers?

Sticker Templates For Rental Textbooks

If you want rental textbooks returned to your bookstore by a specific deadline, put a colorful removable sticker on the textbook. 

It’s a straightforward, efficient way to reach a busy student. The sticker doesn’t disappear off a phone screen or get buried by more recent emails or texts.  Really, how many email or text reminder messages to students  even get viewed? With a sticker on each rental textbook, students don’t have to call your bookstore to determine the due date. They don’t have to search for the deadline on your website. They don’t have to scan through 100′s of emails to find the answer.

Print a customized reminder message inside one of our six vibrant border colors (red, green, blue, purple, yellow and orange) using a laser printer, inkjet printer or high speed copier.

Our removable stickers keep your textbooks in pristine condition while putting the due date front and center before your student.  They peel, stick and restick and leave no sticky residue.

Listed below are four popular rental textbook templates which you can download for free.

We created these templates as Word documents so that you can easily update the template to add your bookstore name and a due date. Use Word’s ‘replace’ feature for a quick due date change. If you need help, email us at help@myremovablestickers.com and we will update the template with your preferred content. This is a free service of My Removable Stickers.

Click on the sticker name to download the template file. You can print the rental reminder on our plain white removable stickers or use any of our six border colors to make your message pop. My Removable Stickers will peel easily from your textbooks and they leave no sticky residue.

Free Textbook Rental Template 1

Free Textbook Rental Template 2

Free Textbook Rental Template 3

Free Textbook Rental Template 4

My Removable Stickers offers quantity discounts when multiple packs (or any color combination) are purchased at the same time.  Begin shopping now.

Use My Removable Stickers On Homemade Gifts

Cookie In A Jar
Attach a removable sticker to the cookie mix jar with the preparation instructions.

As the holiday baking season get underway, I’m reminded of delightful homemade gifts our family created and also received over the years. A favorite one – cookies in a jar – began as a way to teach young scouts about baking measurements to earn a cooking badge.

Once the ingredients were in the jar, we added the lid and a festive bow. Next we attached a removable sticker with the recipe instructions to the jar and for a perfect holiday gift.Cookie Jar Instructions On Removable Sticker


With six border colors to choose from, it was easy to find a sticker color that matched our ribbon. Because My Removable Stickers peel and restick, the recipe can be peeled from the jar and stuck on the kitchen counter for easy reference when baking the cookies. The jar can also be used again because the sticker leaves no sticky residue.

Visit Very Best Baking to find the recipe for the Swirled Caramel Oatmeal Cookie pictured above as well as many other delightful cookie-in-a-jar recipes. I especially love the traditional Choc Chip Cookie Mix In Jar Recipe.

My Removable Stickers can also be used to accompany a gift.  For example, a meat thermometer is a perfect gift for someone who is moving into his/her own apartment for the first time. [Well, it’s a good gift if he/she cooks and eats meat.] We gifted each of our daughters with a meat thermometer this summer. They also received a removable sticker with Meat Temperatures and they were instructed to stick it on an inside cupboard near their stove.  I even put one in my house so I no longer have to scramble to figure out if the roast is done.

What other ideas do you have for using My Removable Stickers?