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Five Easy Steps To Create Removable Textbook Stickers

Bookstores, how easy is it to create a customized removable sticker for a rental textbook?

Five easy steps.

Step 1. Begin with a sheet of My Removable Stickers.

Step 2. Create your custom sticker using  this Word template. [We can also create this for you for free. See below.]

Step 3. Print the template on a white sheet of paper.

Step 4. Hold the white paper up to the sticker sheet to make it lines up correctly and that you approve the content. Adjust if necessary.

Step 5. Print the template onto our sticker sheet using an inkjet printer, laser printer or high speed copier.

If you lack the time to create your own template, we will create the template per your specs and email it to you. We create these templates for free, as often as you need them. Some bookstores have us update their template each semester.

Visit removable textbook stickers for more sticker ideas. Or download these free removable sticker templates for textbooks.

My Removable Stickers are available in 6 different border colors or an all white sticker.  Order a pack of My Removable Stickers today.