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Buy My Removable StickersRemovable Stickers on Sheets - Colored Borders

My Removable Stickers are paper, not vinyl removable stickers, available in 6 border colors or all white.

Each sticker is 2.5″ x 2.5″ with a unique corner “peel & restick” tab. There are 12 stickers on each 8.5″ x 11″ sheet.

Each pack contains 25 sheets for a total of 300 removable stickers.

$24.95 per pack
Buy 5 Packs – $20.96 per pack
Buy 10 Packs – $16.97 per pack
Buy 25 Packs – $14.97 per pack 

Red Removable Labels - 2.5"
Red Removable Stickers
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Blue Removable Labels - 2.5"
Blue Removable StickersAdd to Cart

Green Removable Labels - Peel & Restick
Green Removable StickersAdd to Cart

Yellow Removable Labels - Peel & Restick
Yellow Removable StickersAdd to Cart

Orange Removable Labels - Peel & Restick
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Purple Removable Labels - Peel & Restick
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White Removable Sticker - Peel & Restick
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Removable Sticker Starter Set - 6 Sheets
Add to Cart  Starter Set $6

Starter Set: Six Removable Sticker Sheets (72 Stickers)
One of Each Color (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple)

Printed Removable Moving Sticker - Floor Room Piece

Printed Moving Stickers $32.95


                                                      25 Sheets Per Pack, 12 Stickers Per Sheet, 300 Stickers

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Visit our free sticker templates page to find templates you can download to print onto My Removable Stickers.