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Printed Removable Moving Stickers

Purchase preprinted removable stickers on sheets with a red border around each sticker.

Too busy to print your own moving sticker?

Order “fill in the blank” preprinted moving stickers.  Each pack contains 25 sheets with 12 moving stickers per sheet for a total of 300 stickers per pack.  Each removable sticker is 2.5″ x 2.5″ with an easy to lift “Peel & Restick” tab.

25 Sheets Per Pack, 12 Stickers Per Sheet
300 Removable Stickers
Sticker Size: 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

$32.95 Per Pack

Inventory: 3 Packs



Do you need different colors? Or a customized moving sticker?

You can order blank (non-printed) stickers and use this Word Template to design and print your own moving sticker. Click here to learn more about all our moving sticker options.

We also print custom moving stickers within 3 business days, and usually even faster than that. 

Choose any border color (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple) with any black ink printing.

Pre-printed stickers (with black ink) are $32.95 per pack of 300 stickers. Additional discounts apply when ordering 1,500 or more removable moving stickers at one time.   

Email moving@myremovablestickers.com with your border color, quantity and sticker design requirements. 

We’ll email you a custom moving sticker proof for approval and confirm the price with any discounts.  If you change your mind and decide not to order any stickers, there’s no fee for the proof.  Once you submit credit card payment, we’ll start printing your stickers. 

Here are a few more sticker ideas:

Office Moving Sticker Template Building Floor Room PieceRemovable Moving Sticker Template - Owner Item Floor Room

Click here for shipping information. 

Click here to learn more about other moving sticker options.

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