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Business Relocation – Removable Sticker Templates

Are you moving soon? Removable Sticker For Moving

Download any of these free moving sticker templates and print the content onto any of our colored removable sticker sheets using your own laser or inkjet printer. Some customers also print using a high speed copier.

These are fill in the blank templates. Choose the sticker design that best fits your moving situation. Perhaps you need to identify an “owner” or a “building” or a “floor” or you might want the standard floor/room/piece removable sticker.

The color choices are entirely up to you. Print all your removable moving stickers onto sheets with the same border color or use different border colors to identify different buildings or floors. Removable Stickers Colored Borders Plus All White StickerFor example, all the rooms on the first floor of your new office building might have red bordered removable stickers, all rooms on the second floor might have blue bordered removable stickers, etc. My Removable Stickers have a corner peel tab for easy removal and leave no sticky residue.

If you need additional colors, use our all white sticker and print your own color onto the removable sticker.

Click on the moving sticker template name to download the file.

Office Moving Sticker Owner Floor Room Piece Template
Office Moving Sticker Template Owner Floor Room Piece
Office Moving Sticker Owner Building Floor Room TemplateOffice Moving Sticker Template Owner Building Floor Room
Office Moving Sticker Building Floor Room Piece TemplateOffice Moving Sticker Template Building Floor Room Piece
Office Moving Sticker Floor Room Piece TemplateOffice Moving Sticker Template Floor Room Piece

Removable Moving Sticker Printed SheetsWe recommend that you test print the template on white paper first and hold it up to a removable sticker sheet to make sure it’s lining up correctly. When printing directly on our sticker sheets, the corner peel tab (for easy peeling!) is found in the bottom right corner of the sticker. Keep that in mind when loading the sheets into your printer.

Order your removable stickers today.

Removable Moving Sticker

If you lack the time to print your own moving stickers, we also have preprinted moving stickers with a red border available for immediate shipment. Click on the removable moving sticker to learn more.