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Bookless Libraries

Bookless Libraries

I find the thought of a bookless library depressing.  As recently reported in, Bexar County, Texas has plans to build a bookless library system that will open this fall. 

They describe it like an Apple Store.  If I want to go to a building that looks like an Apple Store, I’d just go to an Apple Store.

The library gives me comfort. All those books. All those colors. All those subjects right at my hand, ready to be pulled off the shelf and reviewed.  Some go back on the shelf.  Some come home.  Many are read.  

Fortunately, the article states “People are always going to want books.”  I second that.  There’s even online chatter that independent bookstores are coming back now that Borders is gone and Barnes & Noble is struggling.

I think there will always be a market for books. I get my fill of technology at work and at home and on my phone. Sometimes, I just want that feel of paper. My Kindle – small as it is – still feels more cumbersome than a paper book. 

And here’s another reason why paper won’t go away.  And this gets to the heart of our sticker business.  

Paper communicates. Paper isn’t fleeting.  There’s too much information pouring out of my phone, my Twitter account, my Facebook page and my email.  

When I really want to get a point across to someone in my family, when I need the ‘to do’ list to be done, I write it on paper.  Or I write it on a removable sticker and post it on the frig.

My teens see it. They act on it, usually.  I’ve tried texting them, emailing them, sending a Tweet and verbally telling them. Inevitably, the information scrolls across their phone, tablet or computer and is gone. Why go back 300 Tweets to find the message from Mom?

Put it on paper.  Be sure that your message sticks!

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