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Removable Book Stickers

Use My Removable Stickers as book stickers for a promotional announcement, textbook rental notice or easy to peel coupon. My Removable Stickers are restickable so your message can stay with the recipient.

Removable Stickers On Sheets

Available in 6 border colors or all white, My Removable Stickers are ideal for book store uses. These removable book stickers are easy to peel and leave no sticky residue. You will no longer damage books with an icky sticker mess nor waste time trying to peel an old sticker off the book.

Removable Sticker Coupon On Book
Rental Textbook Stickers

You can create any customized sticker message using this Word template. Then print your message using any laser printer, inkjet printer or a high speed copier and attach the removable sticker to the book.

Removable Book Sticker for Rental Book
Book Removable Sticker

Each sticker is 2.5″ x 2.5″ with a corner peel tab. The sticker will peel easily after spending days, months, even a year on a book. Each pack contains 25 sheets, 12 stickers per page = 300 stickers per pack. Choose from one of our six border colors or use an all white sticker.

Purchase a pack of My Removable Stickers. for your bookstore promotional or marketing needs. You’ll never have to scrape sticker adhesive off your books again. You can also safely attach the stickers on shopping bags, receipts, bookshelves, windows or walls.

Buy more, save more with our multi-pack purchase discounts.

Removable Stickers For Moving or Textbooks - 6 Border Colors