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Removable Stickers For Restaurants

Create your own restaurant announcements or coupons and stick them anywhere your customer will see them. Put them on a:

  • Take home container
  • To-go bag
  • Carry out menu
  • Customer receipt

Use this free Word template to create your message and then print your message on these sheets using your own inkjet or laser printer. These removable restaurant stickers peel, stick and restick so that your message moves with your customer.

Restaurant Sticker on Leftover Food

Removable Sticker Ideas for Restaurants

Removable Restaurant Sticker For To Go Box

Restaurant Sticker Removable Restaurant Sticker Half Price Burgers


restaurant sticker removable Removable Restaurant Sticker Live Band

Start with one of our six border colors or an all white sticker and then design and print your own message.

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