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Removable Textbook Stickers / No Sticky Residue

Print your own customized removable textbook sticker inside a vibrant bordered sticker with any inkjet or laser printer. Remind your college students to return their rented books or let them know about the book buy-back dates.

These removable stickers peel, stick and restick and leave no sticky residue. They are ideal removable stickers for college textbooks! You can also attach these removable stickers to notebooks, binders, receipts, shopping bags or other products in your bookstore.

Rental Reminder Sticker For Textbooks

Removable College Bookstore StickerRemovable Sticker Coupon For College Bookstores

Learn more about My Removable Stickers for college textbooks by watching this short video about rental and buy-back book stickers.


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Removable Stickers

6 Border Colors or Plain White Sticker
Stickers Per Sheet: 12
Sticker Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

Sticker Pack: 25 Sheets
Starter Set: 6 Sheets

All colors are in stock.
Orders ship the next business day.
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