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Household Moving Stickers 

Our removable moving stickers won’t damage your furniture.Write On Removable Moving Stickers

Available in six border colors and all white, My Removable Stickers are ideal for labeling all household items including furniture, boxes, storage containers, pictures and electronics.Removable Moving Sticker - Blue Border

Our removable adhesive sticks firmly yet peels easily when you want to remove the stickers and leaves no sticky residue.  These stickers can remain on your items while in storage and will still peel easily after a year. [We just tested stickers that were applied 3 years ago and they peeled easily too!]

Removable Moving Stickers - 12 Per Sheet
Use our colorful borders or plain white removable stickers to create your own removable moving sticker. Use the Word template for easy customized sticker creation.

The different border colors help quickly identify rooms or areas of your house. If you need more than six colors, you can print additional colors on the plain white stickers. We’ll will email a free template to help you with this.

There are twelve (12) – 2.5″ x 2.5″ removable stickers on each 8.5″ x 11″ sheet.  You can design your own moving sticker using this free Microsoft Word template and then print your stickers using any laser printer, inkjet printer or high speed. The possibilities are endless.

If you maintain an inventory of what you are packing in an Excel file, we can help you create a merged Word document that will allow you to easily print stickers for each of your moving boxes.

Here’s another way to simplify your packing and moving process.  Print any of these moving sticker templates onto our removable sticker sheets.  You can fill in the content information or just use the sticker to tag your items by room.

Free Moving Sticker Templates

Living Room Moving Sticker TemplateMaster Bedroom Sticker
Dining Room Moving Sticker Template

Family Room Moving Sticker Template
Kitchen Moving Sticker Template

Home Office Moving Sticker Template

Library or Study Moving Sticker Template

Main Floor Bathroom Moving Sticker Template
Master Bathroom Moving Sticker Template
Bathroom 1 Moving Sticker Template
Bathroom 2 Moving Sticker Template
Bathroom 3 Moving Sticker Template

Master Bedroom Moving Sticker TemplateRemovable Moving Sticker Merged Household Data
Bedroom 1 Moving Sticker Template
Bedroom 2 Moving Sticker Template
Bedroom 3 Moving Sticker Template
Bedroom 4 Moving Sticker Template
Bedroom 5 Moving Sticker Template

Basement Moving Sticker Template
Garage Sticker Moving Template
Storage Moving Sticker Template
Get Organized Moving Sticker Template

If you need other templates, email help@myremovablestickers.com with what you’d like to see on your sticker and we will create and email you a customized moving template. This is a free service of My Removable Stickers.

Order your removable stickers by border color.

Each package of removable stickers contains 25 sheets, 12 stickers per sheet, 300 stickers per package.  Removable Moving Sticker - 6 ColorsQuantity discounts are available when you purchase 5 or more packs of any color combination.

If you want to test a few stickers first, order our starter pack of stickers – one sheet of each of our six colors for $8 plus shipping.

Please email help@myremovablestickers.com for additional sticker information or help with a template design.

Your furniture is safe with our stickers. As you unpack and get organized, the removable moving stickers can be easily peeled from the item and they leave no sticky residue. Should you decide to leave a box packed, the label remains in place on your box long after your move is complete!