Colored Removable Stickers On Sheets – Restickable
  • Removable Stickers on Sheets

    Colored removable stickers with corner peel tab.

    • Easy to customize with free software
    • Print your own message
    • Leaves no sticky residue
    • Paper, not vinyl removable stickers
    Removable Sticker Details
  • Colored Removable Stickers

    Learn what makes these removable stickers unique and how they can work for you.

    My Removable Stickers are easily customized to create any business or personal message with your inkjet printer, laser printer or high speed copier. These stickers peel, stick and restick - and leave no sticky residue!

    2 Minute Removable Sticker Video
  • Free Sticker Design Software

    Add text and photos, then generate a PDF print file with your custom content message in all 12 sticker positions.

    • No software to install
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Print your own customized message

    Or use a Word template to create sticker content.

    Use Free Sticker Software

Moving Stickers

removable moving stickers Print your own customized removable moving stickers to tag office and household items for a streamlined, organized moving process. Add name, floor, room and item identification or fill in the blank fields. The stickers peel smoothly from desks, cabinets, equipment and boxes, leaving no sticky residue. Our color coded borders also help with the sorting and unloading process.
Removable Moving Stickers

Book Stickers

removable textbook stickers If you rent or sell used textbooks, My Removable Stickers can be safely attached to your books to emphasize important rental due dates, buy-back terms or promotional deals. The stickers will peel easily, leaving no sticky residue. Customize the sticker with our free design software and then print as many stickers as you need. Use the stickers on receipts, shopping bags and other store items too.
Removable Book Stickers

Restickable Stickers

removable stickers Easy peel removable stickers that leave no sticky residue. My Removable Stickers can move with your audience for added message awareness. Print a reminder message or offer on these stickers and then attach to an envelope, document, catalog or to-go container. The recipient sees the message and can peel and restick elsewhere as a reminder. Make your message stick with My Removable Stickers.
Restick These Stickers

Thoughts That Stick

Removable Stickers

6 Border Colors or Plain White Sticker
Stickers Per Sheet: 12
Sticker Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

Sticker Pack: 25 Sheets
Starter Set: 6 Sheets

All colors are in stock.
Orders placed by noon EST will ship the same business day. Visit Shipping Details for more information.

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